Tag: Spring

  • Holga Hike Today

    Today’s the day!!! Both Spring & the Holga Hike are here. Shake off those Winter blues by getting outdoors with your Holga and capturing the pleasant pastels of Spring (or lovely black & whites, if you’re so inclined…). Just remember to submit your image by April 5th. I was already out & about with my […]

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  • First Annual Holga Hike

    Ah… the signs of Spring’s imminent arrival keep popping up around me: Temperatures are rising and the snow is beginning to melt, robins are roosting and geese are returning from their southernly sojourn, and probably most tell-tale, I finally wore my Chucks outside for the first time this year; although on March 20th, the first […]

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  • Onondaga Lake Park

    Spring is springing here in CNY. Beautiful day at the park.

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