BHF – Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully
"Aging Gracefully - Waikiki, HI." fBHF on Kodak Ektar 100.

Ah… this has to be one of my favorite shots from our last Hawaiian adventure.

My wife and I waxed poetic about this older couple walking Waikiki beach hand-in-hand in front of us. We playfully envisioned them as though we were staring thirty-or-so years into our future: still in Hawaii, still madly in love, flaunting what we still had left, as we stroll along the sandy shore, the azure Pacific lapping at our feet and the sunshine warming our wrinkling skin as it gently flaps in the breeze.

I teased my wife that I’d be lucky if she still wore bikinis that far into the future; she said she’d be lucky if I ever wore a Speedo. I replied that it would probably take the full thirty years just for me to squeeze my fat-ass into a Speedo and humanity would probably be for the better if I never tried.

She heartily disagreed, so I gave her thirty years to change my mind.

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  1. Sandra

    I’ve just stumbled on your site and I’ve got to comment! Wow I love your photos and this one is particularly wonderful (also completely in love with the main Holga walk photo a few entries forward). I recently read an article on a research project that used software to analyse Rembrandt’s paintings. It seems that Rembrandt very subtly threw much of his compositions out of focus forcing viewers to focus on a very specific spot. OK – so this pic is not so subtly out of focus but I love the way the eye is led and not in that shift-tilt lens kind of out of focus miniaturaization way.

    I also love seeing happy old people too. It gives hope. Oh right – I’m old already.

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