Bill Hansen considers himself smarter than the average bear, although fortunately he has never had to put that hypothesis to a test. He was born at a very young age and, much to his chagrin, has been getting progressively older ever since. He has a lovely B.A. in Cultural Anthropology adorning his bathroom wall and it is, by far, the single most expensive piece of paper he owns. An award-winning photographer currently based out of Syracuse, NY, Bill's work has been exhibited multiple times at the New York State Fair and has been featured in several shows across Central New York.

He enjoys taking long walks on the beach; spontaneously going on adventures with his beautiful wife, even if it means driving twelve-hours just to try duck-fat-fried poutine; and sometimes, just sometimes, he finds subtle satisfaction in a good cup of coffee.

If given a choice, Bill would rather be in Hawaii.

Diamond Head

Diamond Head Sunrise

Diamond Head Sunrise, Waikiki, HI. Canon 40D, PS.

Diamond Head, the iconic Hawaiian volcano, is probably one of the most photographed mountains in the world and, as a good tourist on O’ahu, I tried my best to do my part.

From sea to summit, Diamond Head rises 762 feet; fortunately, the hiking trail inside the crater already spots you two-hundred feet of elevation for a modest 560 foot climb over a 3/4 mile to the top. I say ‘fortunately,’ because after the roughly 160 steps to the top and an odd little ladder scramble to the summit, my knees felt like they were made of molten iron, and not in a good ‘molten iron’ kind of way.

But the views from on top were worth it.

Waikiki from Diamond Head

Waikiki from Diamond Head, Canon 40D.

Waikiki as seen from Diamond Head

Waikiki as seen from Diamond Head, O'ahu. fBHF on Ektar 100.

Diamond Head Lighthouse

Diamond Head Lighthouse, O'ahu, HI. Canon 40D.

Windswept Bush on Diamond Head

Windswept Bush on Diamond Head, O'ahu. fBHF on Ektar 100.

Moon about to set behind Diamond Head crater

Moon about to set behind Diamond Head crater, O'ahu. Canon 40D.

Tropical flowers

Tropical flowers, Diamond Head, O'ahu. fBHF on Ektar 100.


Cactus, Diamond Head, O'ahu. fBHF on Ektar 100.

After drinking it all in, my wife & I started our descent, but not before purchasing the official tourist trinket document that ‘certified’ our climb. I made the off-handed remark that the clerk behind the table had one hell of a commute just to get to work in the morning, but then I realized that it was a joke he’d probably heard a thousand times before….

We started our hike early in the morning to beat the crowds & the heat, both of which increased exponentially as the day progressed. It took us longer to get down the mountain than to the top, as caravans of buses arrived and unleashed throngs of hasty tourist, all pressing upwards, perhaps missing the subtle details here and there that truly make it a memorable experience.

Waikiki Sunset

Waikiki Sunset, O'ahu. fBHF on Ektar 100.

Sometimes you just need to step back, relax, and enjoy the view.

In other news: I’m (im)patiently awaiting fresh developer & film that I ordered from Freestyle Photo last week. It’s due to be delivered sometime tomorrow… so I should have some non-Hawaii related images to post in the coming weeks, including my Holga Hike shots.

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