Kodak Jiffy II

The Kodak Jiffy II, a nifty $5 find at a recent garage sale.

A folding 6×9 ‘six-20’ camera with two viewfinders (horizontal & vertical), the original Jiffy had a really cool Art-Deco motif; the sequel here just has a plain black faux leather covering. It has a ‘twindar’ lens with two focus settings: ‘5-10ft’ & ‘beyond 10ft’; two shutter speeds: ‘I’ (about 1/60) and ‘T’ (bulb) and two apertures as well.

It needed some TLC after I purchased it. After a thorough cleaning, the biggest problems were a sticky shutter and folding mechanism. Careful application of some ball-bearing oil resolved both issues. As Kodak discontinued  its ‘six-20’ film for quite some time now, I trimmed the plastic spindle on a roll of 120 film and used the metal 620 take up spool that came with the camera.

Taking it out for a spin, I was pleasantly surprised by the results.

The Oneida river. Shot with the Kodak Jiffy II with a yellow filter on Rollei Retro 400, developed in Diafine.

A CSX spur, near where I live. Same soup.

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  1. Jacqui Jensen-Roy


    I just picked up a Kodak Jiffy Six-16 at a junk store here in Toronto and am hoping to be able to use it (by re-spoolling 120 film). I’d really like to get at the lens properly, as just surface cleaning does not rid of the specs of dirt from over the years. Do you have any advice on cleaning this camera, or any links you can refer me to? I would so appreciate it.

    The photos you’ve taken are really encouraging. Very nice.

    Many thanks,


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